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Meet Your Guides

Malika Semper

Malika Semper is a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer and Certified Intuitive Counselor. Though her love for astrology started in her teen years, she has been professionally practicing and teaching astrology since 2016.

Malika is passionate about sharing with you your highest potential; what you came in to do, and who you came in to be, and taking the practical steps to start your journey. Her greatest joys come from soul-connection with others, being with her children, and sharing insights with people through the eyes of the stars.


She teaches for Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology school, as well as teaching her own private classes – from beginner to advanced.

Tara Vogel

Tara Vogel is an IFS-informed coach and Certified Astrologer who weaves her knowledge as an elementary teacher, natural parenting educator and Mom to help other parents stay connected to their kids and themselves via the cosmos.

She posts daily on Instagram about how to use the celestial bodies to support you in your everyday life with your kids in an easy-to-understand and practical way. In her online community, The Luminary Parenting Community, she provides insight on how to live a connected life via the moon.

Tara believes in a holistic approach to living and weaves her knowledge of nutrition, herbal medicine and The Internal Family Systems method of psychotherapy into her teachings.

Together, these two astrology besties will help you understand astrology in a whole new way!

Here's what others had to say about their teaching styles...

"I found Malika's insights informative, humorous and downright spellbinding. I particularly loved her openness to questions and audience participation which anchored the lessons with real-life experiences."


"Malika delivered a wonderful class and the chat was on fire as we discussed the commonalities and differences in our charts. We shared many laughs and supported one another."


"I really appreciate Tara's approach to teaching, it's all very clear and heartfelt. You have such a lovely energy...calm enthusiasm and a deeply heartfelt, spiritual component that is not overt but permeates your whole approach and draws us in."


“Oh my gosh I feel like I can breathe again! After speaking with Tara I feel both hugely relieved and super inspired. I was feeling incredibly disconnected from my daughter, and I now totally “get” her in a way I never could have imagined!”


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